The challenge

Pharmaceutical IndustryRolling out track and trace capabilities in the pharmaceutical industry requires that many facets of a complex process come together seamlessly. The implementation should not tax the organization and remain highly effective in establishing data integrity to achieve the desired compliance. The importance of doing it right the first time is paramount in achieving the goals of eliminating counterfeiting, product tampering and gray market activity.

In a setting where 45,000 contracts need to be signed — agreeing to special commercial terms, orchestrating 12 sales forces made up of over 600 sales representatives — efficiency and effectiveness are required to ensure that the product can move with little hindrance. An additional complication was the requirement to take advantage of signature capture on tablets while allowing for paper-based exceptions that get transformed digitally.

How we helped

QR Code Document ScanningBusiness Automation Experts designed a process, built the tools and runs it as a managed service to capture the contracts in a timely fashion, minimizing the burden on the sales representative as well as HQ staff. Flexibility was built in the process to allow signature capture either on tablets or on paper. The digitally rendered contract gets catalogued overnight and feedback goes back to the representative on its acceptance. All distribution points are notified of the accounts which are cleared for product shipment on this overnight basis as well.

The process integrates with both ERP and CRM systems to ensure a highly accurate and timely contract status repository. It also feeds a variety of distribution systems with cross-referenced account numbers.

The result

Using document management/ECM technology and by applying BAE’s agile methodologies, the prototype was established within two weeks to help in fine-tuning the new process. The final process included contract signing performance and compliance monitoring to help accelerate product sales. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and ICR (handwriting recognition) technology was leveraged to accelerate the approval classification of the contract on an overnight basis. Exception handling being an important element of any process was worked into the design at launch. This cloud based approach went from concept to production in 6 weeks.

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