We focus on the strategic use of technology to improve operational efficiencies and ROI. In addition, we look for ways to leverage robust solutions to create new revenue streams or enhance existing ones. Benefits to your company are:

  • Improved processes
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Cost savings and increased ROI
  • Increased security
  • Improved reliability
  • Elimination of System Debt.

We are proud of the successes we have created with and for our clients. Our partners exhibit the same commitment to helping customers succeed.

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Our Leadership

Matthew Lepkowski

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Matt is an I.T. Consultant and Owner of Business Automation Experts (BAE). He specializes in:

  • Aligning systems with corporate strategy
  • Software development
  • Project management
  • Hardware/Software troubleshooting
  • Network design and development (LAN and WAN)
  • Vendor and technology selection for clients
  • Locating and developing new avenues of revenue for organizations via strategic  technology solutions
  • Eliminating System Debt
  • Cyber Security utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Information Management Systems.

Eric Schlosser

View Eric Schlosser's Linkedin ProfileEric is an I.T. Consultant with a rich industry background. He specializes in:

  • Program/Project management
  • Hardware/Software troubleshooting
  • Validated systems and environments
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM/EDMS)
  • Business Process Automation
  • Vendor and technology selection
  • Developing new avenues of revenue for organizations via streamlined technology solutions and systems
  • Application implementation with sales, marketing, manufacturing, regulatory, R&D and order processing and distribution systems
  • IT Governance.

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