I can’t recommend Business Automation Experts … enough – they are an incredible resource for any and all IT challenges. I have contracted with Matt on numerous occasions for matters deeply technical and been extremely pleased with the results. What was most impressive though, was his business acumen. He was able to grok my business pain, see the right IT approach without overkilling it and also offer great ideas on my business model. I am currently remaking my business model as a result. Finally, he goes above and beyond my initial requests regularly; spends extra time researching my space with a sincere attitude that leaves me feeling like I have a brilliant silent partner whose aim is to help me succeed. He is just great.

Richard Hurley, President
DollarSigns of New Jersey

I have worked with Business Automation Experts … and can say that Matthew Lepkowski possesses an unusual yet welcome plethora of technical skills combined with business acumen and project management expertise. Matt understands and is competent in networking and infrastructure/server projects and also has a deep understanding of relational databases and business systems. I welcome the opportunity to work with Matt again and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Allen Spokane, Executive Vice President
Operations and Technology at Total Repair Express, LLC

Business Automation Experts helped me improve my practice. My patients and I thank them for the years of quality service and attention to detail.

Dr. Antonio Ciccone, DO, Medical Director
Silver Lake Medical/Middlesex Medical

Matt served an integral role in the development of both our proprietary software product for Total Repair Express as well as our overall IT department setup in what was, in the early years, a young, developing organization. I relied on him greatly to take a lead role in these areas, and he did not disappoint! In addition to excellent software development and other IT skills, his keen ability to see and understand IT matters (whether user matters or development matters) from the prespective of a “non-IT person” truly sets him apart from most of his peers. These things, coupled with his personable and thoughtful approach, make it easy for me to recommend Matt to those whom may be looking to utilize his services.

Craig Bruder
Total Repair Express, LLC

Technology can be wonderful and terrifying. That’s why I’m fortunate to have Business Automation Experts on my side. Matt competently breaks down complex requirements, makes sound strategic recommendations, and delivers quality results. If you run a business, you need to connect with Matt.

Roland Reinhart, President
Reinhart Marketing Group

While working in tandem with Matt for over 5 years, he has always proven to be extremely diligent and painstaking in his attention to detail.
All in all it has been a pleasure working with him.

David Hemens
Total Repair Express, LLC

While working with Matt I found him to be a very detail oriented and hard working individual. He also showed a great aptitude for listening to the needs of his coworkers as well as resolving any issues that we may have regarding our computer systems. Overall, I found Matt to be a joy to work with and believe that he would be an asset to any organization.

Ann Lyons
Total Repair Express, LLC

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