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The art of sales has been difficult to track for many organizations. Fortunately many large firms developed some processes for reporting on the sales process and tracking customer touch points. Those benefits were further enhanced by firms like and SugarCRM.

What is CRM software?

Such online offerings help you improve your coordination and monitoring of the sales efforts. If you have paper or Excel intensive processes (i.e., Call reports, forecasts, customer satisfaction surveys, incident tracking and resolution) you will receive a quick return on your investment when switching to a formal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution.

Expert Client Relationship Management Solutions in NJ.We have helped firms implement a Customer Relationship Management solution and watched them double their sales. Sales reps are able to update their progress on a regular basis and their sales managers can quantify the results of their progress. While sales will always have an element of art the science you can apply will greatly improve your revenue and profits.

Another group that benefit from CRMs are non-profit organizations. These CRMs are typically called Constituent Resource Management applications and they track a few additional items like who participates in a given event and what the contribution levels are for those constituents. Non-profits have to be very careful with the systems they select, but the benefits to their organization are many fold since productivity is just as important to a non-profit group as it is to a for-profit firm.

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