Enterprise Content Management Plus is a combination of Document Management Software (DMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Organizations are finding value in both solutions separately and the combination of the two is very synergistic.

What is ECM+?

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Hard for your team to locate key information they need when they need it? Here’s how ECM+ can help.

It takes more than simply scanning paper and reducing the amount printed in your process to see the benefits of a DMS. You need to bring in the workflow capabilities to automate various tasks. An ECM system like Sharepoint is a good starting point for electronic collaboration and removing file shares.


Energy IndustryECM+ Case Study

We find that Sharepoint lacks DMS capabilities and Records Management (RM) capabilities. When you bring a full featured solution that is tightly integrated you will unlock significant value in your enterprise.

If you have Sharepoint and are trying to marry it to your Document Management System — or have a DMS and find it mostly benefits the back office — we can show you how an Enterprise Content Management Plus system can bring your organization to the next level.

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