Energy IndustryA holding company owns and operates over 35 stations in the NJ market. With that many locations under management the paper volume to manage leases and contracts was cumbersome.

We were selected to bring in a document management system to help address the concerns of the central accounting department. The requirements to OCR all of their content and to integrate with their BizHub copier steered us to a Laserfiche solution. The system was built and implemented in 2 days and the staff was trained on how to drive documents into the proper profiles for filing and indexing.


A cumbersome paper process transformed into a fast, secure, searchable system enables employees to focus on critical compliance tasks.


Energy IndustryECM Case Study

Documents that took hours or days to locate are retrieved in seconds. With some of the extra data attached to the documents they are able to generate lists of documents linked to a given property, a law firm, or other broker. The security implemented helps to restrict some of the more sensitive documents from view, a process that was more difficult to enforce with the file cabinets.

Now a request from the owner for a background on a property or project can be generated quickly and the accounting team can continue to focus on other compliance projects.

What is next?

We are looking into a mechanism to capture the end of day reports that are generated by the point of sale systems. Presently a person drives to all 35+ locations to collect funds, credit card receipts, and end of day reports. With a simple print to Laserfiche mechanism we can capture that information and keep sensitive information secure and more quickly track inventory at all of the locations.

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