The challenge

Healthcare IndustryCadeucus Inc., a healthcare management services organization, was using a 10 year old solution for digitized document storage and access. As the demands of the company grew, it became clear that the hospital billing systems and processes needed to be re-engineered for future growth.

How we helped


Upgrading legacy systems allowed a hospital to reduce expenses and unlock the potential of a distributed workforce.

Healthcare IndustryCadeucus Solution Brief

Business Automation Experts helped the client in several areas:

The client was using an older version of Laserfiche for digitized document storage and access. We upgraded Laserfiche to current supported version. Then re-engineered the backend in order to upgrade from GE Centricity Business v4 to v5.

These upgrades were the basis of unlocking the potential of the client’s distributed workforce. But in order to fully take advantage and prepare for long term scalability, BAE needed to address legacy system issues, network topography adjustments, and investments in newer server software and hardware.

The result

Through proper requirements gathering and customization, we were able to:

  • Reduce the complexity of the hardware and software solutions and processes — the immediate benefits being an improvement in accuracy, reduced redundancies, and significant time savings.
  • Matched the right upgrade solutions to the Client’s anticipated needs, thereby saving thousands of dollars.
  • Meet the tight implementation guidelines from GE.

In addition, leveraging a virtualized environment with a robust SAN, the client was able to improve their disaster recovery metrics, increase their system performance, and reduce the expenses in the colocation center (electricity, network bandwidth, rack space, etc).

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