Case Study: Legal Contract Repository

Case Study: Legal Contract Repository2019-01-04T08:42:43-05:00

The challenge

Eyecare IndustryIn New Jersey, part of your legal defense funds will be used to purchase copies of the discovery used to prosecute you.  The discovery package will include paperwork and electronic items like videos and audio files.  The process to secure the discovery is time consuming and time is your money.

Most municipalities have slow paper intense policies and procedures to follow to register a defense attorney and to transfer the discovery package.  Our client, a defense attorney, recognized the opportunity to modernize the procedure but lacked the technical know-how to design, build, and implement a solution.

How we helped

Business Automation Experts researched the challenges to identify the key pit falls.  We interviewed defense attorneys, town administrators, and municipal court clerks.  From the research we designed a solution that blends the capabilities of existing content management solutions with a secure payment portal to monetize the information.  We performed project management and provided advisory services to bring a solution from concept to reality.  A road-map has been developed and the solution continues to expand to meet the needs of defense attorneys, defendants, and municipalities.


Digitizing major aspects of the legal procedure will better simplify the processes for prosecutors and attorneys.


Eyecare IndustryLegal Contracts Case Study

The result

Our agile methodology helped to monetize the solution and test hypotheses reducing the time to market and increased the client’s return on his investment.  The road-map will allow the solution to build and create a marketplace for public information.  In the future the solution will help defendants find a quicker resolution to their case and provide additional insights into the legal procedures.

Other states place the cost burden of discovery on the prosecutor, we have hooks in the system to help with inter-departmental coordination and reporting.  With the improved collaboration and reporting, prosecutors will be able to focus on their case load and balance the complex requirements of adjudicating our laws.

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