Healthcare is going to change. While we do not know exactly how these changes will impact the industry, it is sure to increase the adoption of technology systems that digitize medical information. The healthcare system will need to cope with an increase in subscribers — and that extra volume will require efficient delivery of service while adhering to regulatory compliance guidelines.

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We have helped to automate the process of transcribing templated information into narratives for use in insurance company submissions. With timely and cost effective submissions of information, you can decrease the number of rejected claims so your effort is rewarded more often. With digital information you can find those overlooked opportunities to document your work and justify the proper CPT visit coding.


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For example, one of our clients had to wait 3-4 weeks on average from evaluating his patient to performing a procedure to help resolve their pain. A large driver of that delay was the 1-2 week turnaround for his narrative report to be generated. Today this client is able to generate all of his narratives and sign them the same day he sees his patients — allowing him see more patients and help them more quickly.

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