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Most software is designed and built to meet a present market demand. We work with many clients that need to adapt a software product to meet a specific need (please see Custom Software Development). As business requirements change the software needs to be more flexible and as you expand you need to process transactions more efficiently. We find that integration services are a natural result of conducting business.

With an acquisition you need to link software systems together to reduce manual processing and to retain the insights from a reporting system. There are several mechanisms to link software systems like database level, batch exports and imports, service gateways, and after the fact exports into a central reporting engine. The option that is best will depend on a few factors like time to market, licensing and consulting costs, and information accuracy. We help our clients navigate their options as well as deliver the final integration option.

In the healthcare industry there are several repositories of information, like patient billing systems, EHRs, paper archives, CPOE, Radiology systems, registration systems, and the like. With the medical facility mergers it is important to address the system integrations so patient care can be properly coordinated. We help clients leverage the HL7 standards to assist with data coordination and regulatory compliance. A well connected data set is an important base for health information exchange (HIE) participation.


Linked software systems require expert planning and management in order to be efficient, cost effective and stable for future growth.

We help link transaction systems to enterprise content systems so you can improve your search for disparate and complex data. With automated indexed information in your ECM+ you can decrease latency of your transactions, so you will capture more revenue more quickly. The improved indexes on your information help your internal stakeholders locate the information they need and they help your external stakeholders as well. Our clients find many improvements in customer satisfaction scores when they are able to quickly respond to inquiries.

As software becomes a service and utility your integration strategy will adjust. There are limited options when you need to integrate with a cloud delivered software product. We would be happy to share some of our experiences with you and we would like to hear from you on your challenges with the changing software landscape.

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