Case Study: Centricity Upgrade & Implementation

Case Study: Centricity Upgrade & Implementation2018-07-27T13:57:10-04:00

Client challenge

Healthcare IndustryThe client runs a hosted version of GE Centricity. The version of Centricity was scheduled to be upgraded in 90 days and a plan by GE was presented for the cutover. The requirements dictated increased server capacity and a different application delivery mechanism.

How we helped

We worked with the client to rationalize the budget for equipment so the new equipment would satisfy a 100% growth rate in usage and a reduction in architectural complexity. The two environments had to co-exist and the transition had to be seamless for over 200 end users. We were able to leverage the existing SSL certificates and sites. Newer remote access mechanisms were deployed which helped to improve client satisfaction.

The result

The savings on the expected hardware configuration were over $20,000 and our implementation services delivered the new equipment 30 days early. The GE upgrade was fully supported and the potential fees for delay of the cutover were avoided. The updated equipment performed tasks more quickly so the end users were able to improve their productivity.

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