The build or buy decision process is complicated and one that firms need to address on a periodic basis. A homegrown system may meet the needs for the initial phase of a business but it may not scale to the needs of your organization or as your client requirements change. A packaged product will have restrictions and limitations which may hamper your ability to meet new client requirements. Either approach is appropriate based upon your strategy and various factors when you are making the decision.

We have helped clients select CRM/ECM/ERP/EHR/BI packages and build custom solutions. With experience in multiple industries and packages we understand the questions and parameters involved in the decision making process. We can say that one size doesn’t fit all situations and a particular platform will introduce new risks. All risks can be mitigated and the ones you wish to tackle will depend upon your internal competencies and the industry you serve.

There are several key success factors that you need to build into your selection process so the implementation will provide the desired outcomes. If we help you analyze your risk profile and provide an outside opinion on the potential approaches it should help you achieve those outcomes, or re-evaluate the potential outcomes.

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