Virtualization offers many benefits to organizations and we are proud of the opportunities to leverage the technology for many of our clients.  We are well versed in the licensing concerns with the different vendors and welcome the opportunity to guide you through some of the complexities.  To highlight a few instances where we have leveraged virtualization we have a shortened list of clients and approaches.


  • Virtualized 12 servers supporting 200+ people
  • Expanded systems in place to support Business Intelligence
  • Physical servers were reduced from 8 machines to 3 at two different sites
  • Leveraged Hyper-V services
  • Building a Windows 2012 virtualized environment to migrate from 2008 R2 to improve disaster recovery and clustered volume support.

Total Repair Express

  • Virtualized 8 servers supporting 250 staff members
  • IT budget savings due to the cost avoidance of new equipment resulted in a 20k contribution to the client
  • Leveraged Hyper-V and Xenware

Contract Processing Services

  • Solution was developed and deployed to a virtual environment, leveraging VMWare ESX.
  • Supports thousands of transactions and interactions with over 600 plus sales people across 12 different organizations
  • When system demands are increased we are able to add capacity in 2 hours and when they are decreased we can scale back and reduce the cost to maintain the information.

Launching a new pharmaceutical firm

  • Azure and Office365 were implemented to simplify the ongoing maintenance and reduce the complexity related to equipping a new venture.
  • Virtual machines were deployed in Azure to host an accounting system and other services necessary to support a 24/7 operation.
  • Services were migrated from an existing datacenter to help consolidate and simplify administration.

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